Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fun in the Winter Sun!

California is a perfect place, weather wise it really is. We have warm dry summers and mild, wet winters. I think we had one of the best Indian-Summer this year. Here we can still have outdoor activities with friends and family at this time of the year, we have lots of picnic areas to choose from with picnic tables. I am so lucky to live a minute away from the most popular regional park and recreation area of our County. I love that the playground equipments offers a wide array of play system. And the lake is just beautiful! The one thing I hate about it though is the goose poop, you see them everywhere. Forget throwing football or playing soccer in the field,you'll step on one for sure. Good thing they have many park benches to sit on.
With three kids, it is sometimes hard to spend hours at the park for their dose of outdoor fun. It's just too much for me cause they all go three different directions, even after repeating our only park rule "Stay Together!" hundreds of times. They're kids, what can I do?
Sometimes we settled playing inside or around the house. They don't love it as much as getting all dirty and sweaty at the park but it's enough. I just wish I have a nicer back yard, where I can let them play unsupervised without worrying they'll run off. A backyard where I can relax sitting on my Adirondack Chairs reading my favorite book,magazine or crocheting.

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