Sunday, November 20, 2011


Patience- It sure is something! The Pastor's message this morning really hit me where it matters. It's almost feel like he wrote his speech specifically for me. Patience is something that I'm lacking lately and I hate to admit it's taking a toll on my marriage and my relationship with kids. Yes, sometimes counting one to ten and breathing in and out doesn't work.
It's the time of year where, my brain is occupied with too much. I was like a kid, I can't wait to be 6 yr old, to be able to do do that..I can't wait , I can't wait! I even told my self, I can't wait for my kids to grow up so that I could find a job. I worry a lot thinking I could accomplish things by worrying, the truth is No, I don't.
Today's sermon was a breather, I needed it so bad. Stopped me from wanting my time to move forward and hurry things up. It Reminded me of how important it is that I should enjoy my life now as it unfolds. That my kids are not going to be kids forever,that time flies super fast. That in times of hardship it's your attitude towards life that matters,it's the joy of living life every single day in spite of bad circumstances that will make you say, I live!

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